Civil Society Capacity Development

Our work on CSO and Government capacity development is tailored towards institutional capacity building for entities to carry out their functions and projects. Particularly, this course will focus on core planning and budgeting functions such as;

  • Project Planning and Budget Preparation.
  • Strategic Planning.
  • Performance Management Plan Development.
  • Public Financial Management.
  • Public Procurement Management.
  • Human Resource Planning.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation System.
  • Proposal Writing.
  • Resource Mobilization.
  • Board Governance.

Local Government Capacity Development

ISPR shall provide unique customized trainings targeting state and local government entities to build their institutional capacities to carry out their core service delivery functions. These include;

  • Public Finance Management.
  • Leadership and Management.
  • Planning and Budgeting.
  • Human Resource Planning and Management.
  • Reporting Writing and Documentation.
  • Meetings and Events Management.
  • Public Procurement Management.
  • Inter-governmental Relationship.