Policy Analysis, Research and Development

This is the core function of ISPR. Our work is to fill the research gap for the civil society, the private sector, and the government through producing high quality, objective research to aid policy development, implementation, and evaluation. Read More

We seek to produce evidence to strengthen strategic planning, budgeting, and programming. Periodically, ISPR will undertake thematic policy reviews and analysis to gauge how effective and efficient public policies are to deliver the expected outcomes, and provide viable alternatives that work for local communities.

Policy Briefs on Social, Economic and Governance Sectors

Our quarterly policy briefs aim at providing feedback to policymakers on relevance, content and results of public policies and programs. Read More

ISPR works with relevant stakeholders to provide technical guidance and assistance before, during and after policy formulation and bring community voices to leaders and policymakers through research, opinion polls and consultations.

Public Lectures, Seminars and Symposiums

In collaboration with civil society groups, the private sector and the government, ISPR will conduct public lectures, symposiums and seminars on various themes that can foster policy discussions, change, and reinforce advocacy efforts in the country. Read More

Thematic Policy Conferences

Our conferences will bring together various stakeholders in the country, particularly the private sector, civil society groups, donors and the government to critical development issues affecting South Sudan.

Our Vision

To become the leading center of excellence in research and policy analysis in the region.

Our Mission

To deliver sound research and policy analysis that enhances result-based policy development, people-centered planning and strong institutions for good governance and socio-economic growth in South Sudan and region.