Policy Advisory Board

ISPR policymaking body is the Policy Advisory Board (PAB) comprising of seven senior public, academic, business and civil society leaders with track record in public service and interest to work, support and promote research work in South Sudan and the region. As a social enterprise, our PAB team composition brings diverse individuals with different expertise to help us achieve our goal to become the leading independent public policy center of excellence in the region.

Management Team

The Management Team is led by the Chief Executive Officer who is the principal accounting person of the Institute and directly in charge of the strategic direction and growth of the firm. The CEO is supported by team of experts in Finance, Policy and Research, Capacity Development and Project Management. Our team brings unique and diverse experience and specialty across various development sectors who offer our clients true value for money in what we deliver.

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Technical Team

ISPR has in-house project management team under Project Manager who is charge of the day-today management of the firm. This team is periodically supported by external consultants to undertake specific assignment for our clients. We have strong pool of international and national consultants with experience in civil society, governance, economic policy and social care programs.

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