Leadership Engagement Forum (CLEF)

ISPR believes that dialogue, policy dissemination, and involvement in policy discussions, implementation and review can help build trust and confidence of the citizens in the government.

The Leadership Engagement Forum is designed to rebuild the relationship between the communities and the government from the local to the national level. We pursue this with cultural, conflict and political sensitivity to complement existing civic empowerment efforts.

Our approach is three-fold:

Firstly, build and strengthen community-based initiatives that bring the people closer to the county, payam and boma authorities. This ensures that communities feel the presence of the local government and that they get to know the roles and mandates of each tier of government in line with the constitution and relevant laws.

Secondly, build synergy between the local (county, payam and boma) and national government levels. This strategy aims to strengthen inter-governmental relationships to ensure clear understanding of roles, responsibilities and mandates of each entity. We consider this to be instrumental in building strong government systems that would make policy development, implementation and review much easier, workable and achievable.

Thirdly, establish a Joint Government Forum (national, state and local government) that will bring these institutions closer to the people and communities. The Forum brings together elected representatives, ministries, independent commissions, the private sector and CSOs to engage with citizens on policy issues on a periodic basis. ISPR believes that this will catalyze engagement of citizens in policy formulation, implementation and review so that policies reflect their needs and aspirations. We believe that the Forum will build relationships, trust and confidence between all actors and inspire active engagement in nation-building.

Youth Voice for Peace (YVP)

In South Sudan, 70 percent of the population is under the age of 35. Youth make the strength of every nation, but the potential of the youth in South Sudan remains largely underutilized.

In addition, majority of the young people in the country have suffered from decades of armed conflict and many have been engaged in active combat, while others remain hopeless in IDP and refugee camps. ISPR believes that the youth have a greater role to play to bring peace and stability to the country.

Our work will involve creating inter ethnic and cultural for a that bring together youth from different communities to engage in constructive career and peace building discussions. We will utilize the power of music, dance and drama through periodic festivals in key cities in the country. In addition, ISPR will engage youth in urban areas in creative reading and writing reflecting on the past peaceful co-existence of the different communities in South Sudan. Such stories and reflections will be compiled and published on our website and magazine. We intend to explore how positive cultural practices, inter-ethnic harmonies and youth debates can create a positive impact for healing and reconciliation.

Platform for Civic Empowerment

This Platform for Civic Empowerment (PCE) is an online social media activity aimed at reducing hate speech and making positive use of social media.

This activity will utilize famous site such as Facebook and Twitter to establish a visual online discussion forum backed with pre-recorded clips to create awareness on peaceful co-existence and positive living. As an online visual platform, the PCE shall work with relevant government, private sector and civil society groups in developing messages, audio and visual materials that will be transmitted to its audience. ISPR believes through this activity, South Sudanese both at home and abroad shall be brought closer to discuss, share and disseminate positive attitudes towards each other as mechanism to building peaceful and united country.