ISPR Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Catch Up with the South Sudan Auditor General- It is my pleasure to meet you. We at ISPR are pleased with your work in making sure all the at lease granted government audits were conducted and most copies are electronically published to be accessed by the greater public. This is a prodigious spirit as it promotes the spirit of the Access to Information Act. ISPR is working with various finance, planning, and investment ministries of the states, the parliaments of the states, and the national parliament in supporting the public finance management accountability process including the reforms called for in the peace agreement. Auditor General your work is very important in documenting the poor state of financial management and reporting to parliament on any action that is needed to save this country, secondly, your work to ensure the implementation Public Finance Management and Accountability Act (the Budget) and that it delivered value for money. The Auditor General’s regular report to the House is called for as such report will keep the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) business as they conduct scrutiny while keeping the public informed. Auditor General, if your office is not doing well, that will be yet again the failures in governance that result in poverty, ignorance and disease, and total suffering of our people in this republic. Boboya James Edimond.