Under the project enhances citizen’s participation in a transparent and accountable budget, the Institute of Social Policy and Research in collaboration with the State Ministry of Finance and Investment Central Equatoria State, conducted a one-day awareness campaign to increase the knowledge of the farming community of Radolo Village Assembly Tree, Radolo Boma, Mangalla Payam,  Juba County. The awareness campaigns provided the farmers with the opportunity to discuss what needs to be done to allow the Farmers to engage in the pro-citizen nation budget.  The campaign was aimed at equipping the farmers with skills, which will enable them to take on their role as citizens in engaging with public budget officials to effectively ensure that their demands and interest were met in the annual national budgets. In addition, it was to prepare farmers to require better accountability from Governments. Topics discussed include what a budget is, budget process, revenue, land, oil, minerals, river, taxation, and donation. Among key issues raised by the farmers include their lack of knowledge of the budget process as developed by the government, land grabbing impacting their farming practice, and lack of modern farming equipment such as tractors, water pipes, and water pumps which could have been provided by the government through the budget. The farmers were also concerned if there is any budget allocated for Agriculture. The farmed pledged to engage their Member of Parliament of Radolo to construct a road for the farmers to access the market as Radolo is a potential area for agriculture and it is near the capacity of Juba.  As one agricultural expert said to identify a good budget, farmers need to look for the consistency of how the budget interacts with the medium-term development plan and the long-term development of agriculture.